Friday, January 29, 2010

Shoot Me: 4 of 52

I have agreed to post a picture of myself every Thursday for this entire year. You all have my sister, Erin and Carin from Forever in Blue Jeans to thank for this. I hope these photos cause no permanent psychological damage either to you or to myself. For much more beautiful and fun photos, check out Carin's Meme. These folks have some really great shots of themselves.

As I stated my sister Erin asked me to join this meme, and I suspect that part of her impetus to do so was to get me to really look at my self at least once a week. I think she is hoping that this will remind me of who I am, and how I can take better care of myself. I spend a large amount of time alone during the week. I am not complaining , I rather like it this way, but I do tend to isolate myself and as such don't spend a lot of time thinking about how I look. Please understand my sister is not vain, so improving my appearance would not be her goal. Her goal would be to have me realize that she worries that I neglect my self, and my appearance is an indicator of that. This is also all supposition as she has never ever stated this is why she wanted me to join. So frankly I really had a conversation in my head using my sister's voice as devil's advocate. Thanks Erin for being so open and honest with me. OK have I mentioned I spend A LOT of time alone? By the way she/I, is/am not wrong. In just these four weeks I have realized that I really put very little effort into my daily appearance, and really only notice it when Thursday comes along and I am like D'oh I can't take a picture of me looking like this.

The other issue I noticed was that since I am alone so much there are only so many types of self portraits I can take. Boring much? So, today I am using a more liberal definition of the self portrait, and hope that next week I am more prepared and have taken a snap of me somewhere else, with someone else in the shot. We'll see. Any way for now .... here's the cheat.

So here is today's picture of me doing my absolute favorite morning activity...

Oh and yeah, I know its Friday... but hey, better late than never.