Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Back...sort of

This post is to inform you that I am working on this blog, and although I am not ready to go live there is some activity here... hopefully I will be back with some regularity by the beginning of March.

Here is an idea of what I'm thinking about this blog.

OK well, I gave up blogging quite a while ago. I just felt like who really needs to hear my thoughts on whining kids in supermarkets and people who go slow in the left lane. It became a chore, not something I enjoyed, but something I HAD to do. Let me tell you a little something about me... you tell me I HAVE to do something and I will dig in so hard to fight doing it. I'm a contrarian that way! So I stopped.

Recently though, I have been making inchies, cards, needle felting, art journals and various other crafty art stuff. I needed a place to share some of that with people who may be interested or who are sharing theirs in this format. So this Blog is back in business. I will try to post once a week, likely on a Saturday. This blog will mostly be about providing a place to share the stuff I make with those who are not physically close to me, as well as to join in with the folks on the journaling site that I hope to keep up with this year.

First I will be keeping an art journal (well starting to, I just signed up 2 minutes ago) for a year in journaling at A Year in the Life of an ART Journal . I'm a little late to the party, but that is pretty much the story of my life.  I have two prompts to work on right now. When they are done I will scan and post them.

Second I belong to a local inchie swap. I am going to start posting my art work for those, as well as the art work of other people in the group who have granted me permission to do so.

I am part of a design team for Kept Creations our local paper , mixed media, store.  

Oh and every now and again you might see a picture of Mr. Bingley.


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Weronika Trojanowska said...

sweet cat !

Christian Moore said...

Everybody needs a way and a place to express their thoughts. It is a healthy thing to do no matter what the subject. An art journal sounds like something that is a good way to get your artwork out there. That is a very adorable cat.